Huge applause to the internet and smartphone founders who revolutionized the IT sector. So if you are interested in starting your own online business, do not give a second thought. This era that we are living in an Internet-driven era. News spreads faster on the internet than through any other channel. Perhaps the internet is overpowering other channels because of the higher internet penetration rates.


Nearly every brick mortar store has been transitioned to an online e-store due to huge advancements in the e-commerce industry. You may feel that the only people making business are gigantic platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, or other famous platforms. But the truth is they became famous because they were the first of their kind, in this genre. Paytm – the first-ever mobile commerce application has become an everyday go-to app for us. Paytm kyc online verification is mandatory to continue with the services provided by Paytm. So in a similar manner, once you have an online presence, advancements and changes will keep ongoing.


Now the question of the hour – How can you take the lead out of this massive ocean of internet? I myself was tired of my desk job, it felt like my life is slipping away right in front of me and I am helpless, unable to do anything about it. But then, one day I introspective about what I really want. This life-changing moment comes in everyone’s life, hope you all also find one 🙂


There are so many ways to become rich using the internet – become a freelancer, become a consultant, start your own marketing services, start your own youtube channel, start selling online and so much more. You have to just find what is right for you and get started.

Here are a few business ideas that can help you make money by starting an online business.



  • SEO Services


People think of many small business ideas and SEO Service is also one of them. Search Engine Optimization increases the online presence of web pages to increase traffic. It is a growing industry with multitudinous opportunities. The basic criteria to have an online presence is to create a website. To increase the traffic, your content must be compelling, which answers all the questions of the searcher. 


SEO is going to be more lucrative with the advancements on the internet. Research shows that its demand is going to increase in the coming years is not necessary to work for clients, in the beginning, you can create your own website for the purpose of blogging by selecting any niche of your interest with the correct SEO skills. So it is an easy method to earn.


In the long run, it won’t be difficult to get clients because this domain is evergreen and would never fade away. People will never stop building websites. So once any website is built, SEO is a vital part. Without SEO online presence and traffic won’t be achieved. Thus SEO is an inseparable part of the internet. So one can easily earn a good amount of money.



  • Online Teaching or Domain Expert



You might be an expert in Maths, Physics, Coding, language, or any other domain. There are so many online teaching platforms out there. Amidst of the coronavirus, online teaching is the new school. State code GSTYou can start with basic and general topics. If you have expertise in business or an in-depth knowledge that you can help other people to set up a business of their own, you can definitely start an online teaching portal.


The best attitude in this teaching industry is to provide beyond belief value for which people pay. Make sure you provide value education. Business coach experts try to analyze the current situation of the business, where they want to be down the line in the upcoming years and then provide a way to their clients to achieve their dreams, which is absolutely worth every penny.


I believe there is nothing as worthy as sharing knowledge and making a great value out of it. So folks, get started today. Start with small, approach some customers and help them achieve their goals. Post their extremely powerful testimonials on your portal to reach out to larger audiences.



  • Ad Services and Online Marketing



Top platforms such as Facebook, Youtube earn a huge amount of money through ads.  So looking at these huge tech giants, look at how you can reach massive riches using ad services.

In this highly competitive market, online business owners pay huge amounts of money to drive traffic from ads. So if you are a pro in ads services – retargeting, understand the audience, etc, it is a very complex process. However, if you are an expert in it, you can start with your own Ad service and online marketing agency.


Explosive growth in Online ads is expected in the future. We are still in the beginning phase of the internet. So the earlier you start on this business, the quicker you can start earning in the long run.


Online marketing and affiliate marketing are few of the marketing tactics people usually follow these days to grab the attention of the audience. Powerful marketing strategies help out to earn new potential customers and earn profits. All the online e-commerce and other e-stores hire professionals for marketing and pay huge amounts of money. So once you have gained enough knowledge you can get started.


  • Online Blogging



What do we do when we have questions in our minds? Most of us google it. The topic could be anything – GST registration online or any other. Do you have robust knowledge which you can share with other people?  You could be an expert in sharing new recipes, traveling hacks, new languages, or maybe any other thing. Whatever it is, you can easily share this with others by starting to create blogs.


Choose a blog template, various free platforms are available like WordPress. Look out for your niche and start writing. It is as simple as that. It is about sharing what you already know. I feel when someone is emotionally involved and loves what they are passionate about, they are genuinely interested in sharing. So online blogging will help you earn money, but along with that, it will let you do what you really love.



  • Incubation Center



Create a space for those in need where they can learn new development skills. You can get paid to teach those skills. In this space, you can also welcome new ideas, where people can share and explore new opportunities. People these days do not want to work or do desk jobs, they want to become entrepreneurs. So starting up this center will always be in profits as the opportunities are endless.


If you are passionate about anything, you can even start creating webinars. You can keep an entry fee. In the beginning keep it lower, once you have enough audience, and trust gained among the audience, later you can increase the fees, well it is a personal choice.


Apple has a feature known as screen time that shows the screen time of the phone. i.e the time that you used the phone. A study suggests that the average screen time among the users is 4 hours. Where do you think these people spend this time?

Most of the time is spent on social media. The platform is so engaging that people never get bored of it. Business is not a game of luck but a game of skills. If you wish to beat your opponent, you have to see the right opportunity and you have to act on it. In this instance, it’s the impact of social media.

I had no idea that out there, there is a brand known as FOREVER 21, but when it launched its first showroom in India, the brand made sure that everyone would know them and they did it very beautifully and effectively using social media. Similarly, there are so many marketplaces online where you can start selling without building up your own website you can become a Shopclues Seller, Flipkart Seller, Paytm Seller or Snapdeal Seller.

This is the power of social media and this is what all businesses want from their social media platform. But they should understand that this is not an overnight job and they have to be patient to get such results. Other benefits of social media are as follows:

  1. Target a specific audience
  2. Higher traffic
  3. Increased brand awareness
  4. Improved search engine ranking
  5. Higher conversion rates
  6. Better customer satisfaction
  7. Improved brand loyalty
  8. Cost-effective
  9. More brand authority
  10. Helps to gain market insights

Social Media can also play a vital role when any seller wants to sell on amazon and showcase the products to the millions of customers worldwide.If you want these benefits, here are some tips you should try for your social media’s success:

1.   Know your competition:

This is the only place where having competition is good news.

Many businesses are not able to use social media platforms efficiently as they do not know which platform to target and which is the right audience. Well, this problem is solved by your competition in this case.

Search for your competition and find which sites they are using. Register on the same platforms and then you can adjust your strategy. The advice is to target the big fish as they are obviously doing it right and thus they have that much followers and engagement.

Learn from them and then you can adjust your project scope accordingly. Now that you know which social media platform you have to target and know the right audience, you can now compare their posts and engagement rates with yours. This way you will know which type of content works best with your audience and then you can post accordingly.

2.   Be committed:

You are checking your competition just to know what they are doing right. You cannot expect the same result as they have been there for ages now and you are a newbie here. You have to understand that this will take time, but only those who are able to benefit from the fruit name social media marketing are dedicated enough to wait.

It’s hard to create great content, come up with something different, grow an audience and increase engagement, this is the reason why many small businesses give up after a few months. But has anything great come at no cost? Here, commitment is the cost.

It will take about 8 months to a year to get good engagement. It all depends on the planning. Make an annual plan and stay committed. If there is a deviation, correcting it is an option but giving up is not. You can use a project management tool to create your plan and then you can compare what went wrong or where the deviation was.

3.   Listen to customers rather than promoting:

If people just want to see your products then they can visit your website, so why should they stay connected to you over social media platforms? Well, give them a reason!

Build your social media platform around listening to your customers, rather than just promoting your business. Social media is much more than just promoting your business, it is a platform where you can communicate with your customers or future ones.

People are looking at social media pages as a place where all their queries can be solved and they can be served better. Be open to all the questions as a happy customer will become your best customer as they will share this happy incident with friends and family and thus they will also become your customer.

Moreover, no one is better than your customer for inspiration for your content. Social media is a goldmine of content. See what people are doing and engage with them so that you can get more inspiration and ideas and thus you would be able to upload really great content.

 social media tips for small business owners

4.   Make your customers feel engaged:

People trust people and not faceless brands.

You should respond to all the posts that are directly addressed to you and the hashtags too. Don’t be that girl that looks at everything and replies to nothing. If people are mentioning your brand, you should have the courtesy to reply to them.

This is best shown by Mcdonalds, in one incident, a girl tweeted that she misses Mcdonalds, and in reply to her tweet, Mcdonalds replied that they miss her too by mentioning her name. Make sure that you personalize all your activities.

By greeting all the customers by their name states that you care for them and that all the messages are carefully crafted.

5.   Post frequently:

People will not go to the search bar to search for your name and see your posts. They will see only what the sites show them and the sites will show them what they have liked the most and the posts that were recently posted.

This shows people that you are active and on top of the latest trends.

The followers want to know all the latest information the moment it occurs and therefore you should post as frequently as you can. If you want the follower to keep following you and be engaged at the same time, once a month post won’t work. You should post at least once a week and with the introduction of stories, you have to post the stories every day.

So, for all the people who are planning to start an ecommerce business, start with blogging on your site with topics such as how to use paytm which is a simple topic and could be understood by anyone.

6.   Engage with the latest trends and issues:

I follow a page that posts facts over Instagram and today only I came across a fact that stated that all project management and task management software is seeing a 20% growth in the traffic due to the work from home situation following coronavirus.

Someone’s loss is someone’s gain. This has always been how business works. You just have to recognize when it is your time. And this is clearly the time of task, project and work management software. Such software is offering special discounts because of the coronavirus and is earning tons of customers. You just have to learn how to turn a situation in your favour.

7.   Make your posts visual:

Some people use just simple letters for their captions and some use emoticons.

You are addressing all the people and therefore you should use all the available things to make your content appealing to all the people. Make your content different every time. You should use images, GIFs, videos, etc. to make your post more interesting. There should be something for everyone.  This will highly benefit your post’s accessibility.

Author Bio:

Mohit is an ECommerce Enthusiast and Owner of MohitECommerce. He is Working With Many Vendors in Different Categories of Products Across Various Marketplaces. He is Very Good at Amazon Seller Training, Amazon FBA, Amazon Seller Registration, Amazon Brand Registry, Amazon Account Suspended (Making Plan of Action). He Likes To Help All Type of Businesses Mainly Small and Medium Businesses Which are eager to Step in Online Business. 

This entry is a kind contribution from Mohit Sharma




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