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5 Things to Consider when Looking for an apartment to rent in New York.

Finding a place to rent in New York can be challenging and not to be taken lightly. It might seem daunting, but you can find the perfect apartment for you 

Rental prices are set to grow consistently.  The average cost of rental in New York City is $3165, according to research by Zumper.

People are getting back to the city and rental accommodation is in demand, not just for students and professional workers. There are plenty of realtors at hand, but before you get in touch with them here are some things for you to consider that will save you time and stress along the way. 

1. Decide what you want

Think of every possible important detail for you. Make a list with the must-have features and another one with the “dealbreakers”.

Most letting agents don’t advertise everything that is available to rent. By being very clear about what you want you are putting yourself into a better negotiating position. Think about what is really important for you and what will suit your needs and you are very likely to find it faster. 

2. Get every detail about how much Exactly your Monthy rent will be

Ask if the utilities are included. If you are using a broker, find out how much is their fee and if it is included in the rent. Familiarise yourself with every possible essential bill, that might be included. If it is not, get quotes as soon as possible and remember to include them in the rent. 

Learn the difference between the advertised price and what you would be actually paying per month. An apartment might be listed with a month or two with “free” rent. This does not mean that you will not be paying any rent. It means that the price is calculated based on how many months you are renting that place for.

Most of the places will also require a minimum stay which will be clearly stated. Pay attention to these details, as this can make a big difference in your monthly budget. Knowing exactly how much you will be paying each month in advance will give you a certain peace of mind and help you plan your finance accordingly.

3. Use the online listings as a starting point

The listings placed on the realtor’s websites are only a starting point for your search. The chances, that you will get that exact apartment are very slim.

Listings change very often and not every good deal is listed online. Use the online listing to get to know the market in terms of prices and conditions. Having prior knowledge will help you choose the right place for you easier and faster. Once you have seen a few properties you will have a better understanding of what to expect from your budget. If you are using a broker you may benefit from asking them to provide you with their pre-screen listings.

4. Visit your desired neighborhood when it gets dark

This is a good idea especially if you are relocating from a completely different area. You will get to know your area a bit better, not just in terms of noise and traffic but also how it looks during the night. If you can pay another visit at the weekend which will give you another point to consider. Maybe being close to a cafe or restaurant might not be such a good idea.

Experts Say
“If you’ve identified the perfect apartment, go back a few different times throughout the day. Go in the morning, midday, and again in the evening. What is the street life like at 10/11 pm at night? Pay close attention to the immediate surroundings and walk up and down the block and a few avenues. Is there a fire station one avenue away that you will hear in the middle of the night?”
— Sabina Sangha, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson at CompassExperts 

5. Take measurements and pictures (if possible)

If you are bringing your own furniture it will be a good idea to have detailed measurements from inside the apartment. Take photos of the outside of the building and the front door. Measure the size of the door too, to make sure that your furniture can go in. Some realtors will not allow you to take pictures and if this is the case you can simply draw the room on a piece of paper.

Overall remember to get to know your neighborhood, your prices, and your broker before you put your signature on the bottom of the contract. 


Looking for a place to rent in New York is a fun adventure for you. Get to know the area by visiting Zumper listings. 

5 Things to Consider when Looking for an apartment to rent in New York