How To Convert More Website Visitors Into Customers Or Subscribers


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How To Convert More Website Visitors Into Customers Or Subscribers

How To Create A Website Or Blog With Hostinger


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How To Create A Website Or Blog With Hostinger

Marketing guide: Why should you consider using infographics for marketing

Infographics (or information graphics) are graphic visual representations of information, knowledge or data. They make it possible to understand complex information quickly and clearly. They are used in newsletters, presentations, annual reports, blogs, and research content. They help in retaining the interest of the viewers.

Infographics are gaining popularity among marketers. They help marketers communicate with customers effectively. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words. Also creating infographics is easier than writing a blog post. Infographics also gives you an opportunity to display your expertise on the subject.

A good infographics campaign will be able to convey what your brand stands for much than a lengthy write up about your brand in a newspaper. Customers find highly visual infographics easy to digest. They make it easy for you to create brand awareness and can be used anywhere.

Marketing guide: Why should you consider using infographics for marketing

There is immense scope to unleash your creativity. Since visuals are involved, in addition to possessing researched material, you need to use your creativity to present the same to your audience.

Another reason for the increasing popularity of infographics is that there are search engines dedicated to them. Also, some websites share popular infographics daily. There is also the possibility of infographics campaign going viral.

It is very important to conduct thorough research before creating infographics. It is advisable to reference facts in the infographics. Your focus should be to develop and present a coherent story. It is a good idea to retain simplicity.


Choose the colors to suit the occasion. It is advisable not to make it too gaudy. It depends on your business and your audience. Avoid the temptation to include stuff that appears attractive, but does not convey what your brand stands for.

Convey the message quickly. Draw conclusions. It is very important to include your URL in your infographics. This practice will drive tons of traffic to your website.

Even though it is a good idea to use the services of a reputed graphics designer, you can also attempt to create infographics. Technology has made it possible for anyone to create infographics.


Many resources are available online which help you in creating your own infographics. Hohli is very useful in generating graphs and charts. is used by many graphic designers. GapMinder is a free Adobe Air application that gives you latest data on many issues. Its visuals are very impressive.

Daytum is another awesome tool which is used by many marketers. It enables you to collect data over a period of time and display it in a variety of formats. This tool is well-known for its designs. Wordle allows you to upload a collection of words and then to work on them to fit into a range of different shapes.

If you are not using infographics in your marketing campaigns, you are missing a great deal. The above-mentioned tips will help you to make the most of infographics and will give your brand an edge over your competitors’.


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Marketing guide: Why should you consider using infographics for marketing

Internet marketing: Budgeting in internet marketing

Budgeting helps you to decide how much to spend on your internet marketing campaigns. It should very much be part of your marketing efforts for you to be profitable. Budgeting helps you to take key decisions.

The basic rules are budgeting are simple. You should spend what you are comfortable with. It is advisable to spend based on the cash available with you for the next year, and all the costs that you have to account for from the revenue you expect to earn. It is a good idea to work your budget on a per customer basis.

There are many opportunities for you to grow your business on the internet. The challenge is to decide where to spend your money. You have different options in internet marketing like Google AdWords, online banner ads, email newsletter campaigns run by reputed vendors and ad networks. You need to arrive at an estimate on what traffic is going to give you one new customer for every $100 spent.

Budgeting in internet marketing

It is easily understood with an example. Let us assume that you are setting up a Google AdWords campaign with a budget of $1500 per month or $50 per day. The keywords that you intend to use have bids of say $3 per click for the first page.

Let us assume that your budget gets utilized every day; so it will be 500 clicks per month. By now you should know the number of visits that convert to customers, from your site’s past traffic data.

Let us assume that you are selling a software product for a monthly subscription. Now if 10 percent of visitors sign up for the trial and then 10 percent of those pays, your result for Google Adwords campaign would be 50 trials and 5 paying customers.

For $1500 the acquisition cost will be $300. This is thrice more than your comfort level of $100. These calculations help you decide that Adwords is not suitable for your budget.


Many opportunities are available today. Internet marketing experts experiment with different networks in an endeavor to find better channels. You can also get references and reviews from advertisers going after the same market.

It is important to remember that you need to stick to a campaign for some time. Otherwise, your internet marketing efforts will fail. Experts suggest that you need to stick with a campaign for at least four to six weeks.

People who do no succeed in internet marketing are those who are impatient. They do something for a week and lose patience. One week’s data is just not enough to decide whether it is a success or a failure.

While assessing different ad networks in internet marketing, you need to ask them what their average CTR rates are.


This is very much relevant if you are paying per impressions, instead of per clicks.

These networks take a fixed sum of money from you and promise a huge amount of impressions. You need to know the average clicks that advertisers get on those sites.

By incorporating the above-mentioned tips into your marketing strategy, you will be able to make informed decisions and are more likely to run your online venture profitably.


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Internet Marketing Lies Online And Censorship

Internet Marketing Lies Online And Censorship


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Here are some of the other resources I talked about in the video Alternative Search Engine 

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Internet Marketing Lies Online And Censorship

The Benefits Of A Business Mentor


When it comes to starting up your own business there is generally a lot to learn. Unless your family was in a similar business often you have to learn the business from scratch.

The Benefits of a business mentor

Learning something new can take a long time it can also be something that you will make a lot of mistakes with as you learn.


Of course, there is a way to shortcut this experience which can be pretty costly if not done correctly that is to get yourself a mentor find someone who has already done what do you want to do and learn from them this can save you years of learning.


It can also save you thousands of Dollars as some mistakes that newbies make can be very costly in fact, a lot of these mistakes could even put you out of business altogether.


Trying to be successful without the correct experience or knowledge could be a mistake that is worth avoiding in my own experience mentorship can come in a few different ways.


Your mentor could be a personal friend or acquaintance that you have met who has experience already in your business. You can also find a mentor online by searching using keywords related to your business or niche.

In a lot of cases, a mentor could charge you for mentoring or training.


It could be a fixed set fee for a specific period of time or they could charge you on an hourly basis or via attending various training courses. If you’re lucky enough sometimes you can find a mentor by joining the business as a free but more often as a paid member.


This means as well as you being able to learn about your business you and your mentor can both get some financial benefit from the business relationship as well. One thing you need to watch out for though are mentors who are quite new to a business and do not have enough experience to know what they are talking about.

Unfortunately, I see these people regularly and the promise of making money by pedaling Garbage to victims is not a good idea even if it makes the till ring for a while. The damage it can do to your brand or reputation can last for a very long time even permanently in some cases.

So be very careful when choosing products to promote.


And be careful when choosing a mentor to work with, someone with a good reputation or someone who’s been around the block a few times is normally a sure bet than a newbie with a big ego paddling shit to fulfill a financial goal. Or to feed their ego.


When it comes to starting a business it is a good idea to pick something you are good at and have some passion for. Doing it for the money alone is not always a great idea.


If you’re looking for help with setting up your own business online I have over 14 years of experience selling products and services on the internet. I help people set up their online business there is a choice of done for you set up packages or joining one of my businesses and getting some personal coaching and mentoring in the process.

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The Benefits Of A Business Mentor

This Business Pays Out More % In Commissions Than Clickfunnels

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This Business Pays Out More % In Commissions Than Clickfunnels

Camtasia 9: How To Edit a Video (Full In Depth Tutorial)

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Camtasia 9: How To Edit a Video (Full In Depth Tutorial)

Are you branding? Or Unbranding your business?

I have to say it still drives me nuts, all these people who are running around like chicken little’s screaming their MLM’s name from the rooftops.

If you want to find someone inexperienced with marketing online then these people are it.

You often find that these people fit in well to the MLM Dinosaur Category, yes, as technology moves on these poor souls have got left behind, kind of like many kids in schools who are studying for jobs that will soon not exist.

Are you branding? Or Unbranding your business?

Of course, it is not their fault many of them have learned from people who started marketing many decades ago, the time when if you wanted a pint of milk you waited for the sales call of the local milkman, but unfortunately my friends time’s have changed and marketing and sales have moved on.

The question is has your marketing approach moved on too or are you using ancient methods to promote products and services in the digital age.

People are out actively looking for solutions to their problem, products, and services. In fact, they are looking for everything that you can imagine and probably a lot of things you would not even dream of every single day. They have their credit cards in hand looking for someone with the solution, or a product that solves their problem.

All you have to do is find out where they are looking and put the solution in front of them it’s really not rocket science, if you know what you are doing.


The first thing is you need to be able to understand how you can build a brand that people trust, selling online is not just about making money, it’s about creating solutions for your readers and followers.   I can tell you now that flogging a dead horse on the promise of income generation to someone who is not looking to buy a dead horse is really not the way forward. Telling people how great your company is and how 2% of the company members are making a zillion dollars monthly is also not the solution,  well it might be if you want to earn a quick $$$$$, but if you want to get customers or keep your customers then it is a big no-no.

When I get an email to my inbox from specific people I generally open them or avoid the emails like the plague.  It depends whether the email comes from someone I trust or not.

Trust is huge when it comes to marketing online, the hardest part of making money is getting the first sale, unfortunately, on the first sale you can also mess up that customers trust in you very easily, by selling them some garbage so you can get a quick commission you immediately lose this trust and any credibility you had already built up with them.

So it is imperative you give your customers a great sales experience, sell them a great product that delivers what it sells, give them an extra bonus that makes them feel special. You want them to feel that they have been well looked after and you have over delivered on your promises to them.

That way they are likely to come back to you, again and again, looking to see what you are selling and how else you can help them get the results they want. 

The thing is I will tell people what the solution to their problem is often in my blog posts, videos or training.  But I will not advertise the brand or name of the product, because as soon as you do that you are practically 50% of the way to losing your sales commission.

As soon as you tell anyone the name of the company or product they start Googling reviews ETC of the product.  Once they do this your competitors affiliate link comes up on the search in Google or a paid Google Ad.    Your prospect clicks on it and your commission is gone forever. 

Most of the inexperienced Internet or Network Marketers are very easy to spot a mile away, they are running around like headless chickens shouting out the name of the business they are promoting whether it be an MLM or someone else’s online business, In the hope of generating affiliate commissions or building a large downline. 

This is a big mistake for the marketer but great news for the company or business owner who is growing their company or brand for free and a lot of the time not having to even pay the people who actually did the advertising. 

By branding yourself or your own business or company, you will make it easier to sell business opportunities to others, even affiliate or network marketing business opportunities, and lose a lot less commission money in the process.


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Are you branding? Or Unbranding your business?

Who Is Paying You?

Sotiris  —  November 12, 2016

Who Is Paying You?

Who Is Paying You? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Upon first reading this sentence the average person may think about their job, their employer and lets face it when you spend every day of your life slogging for someone else for 3 to 18 hours a day. You may not have lots of creative time available to actually think about anything else.

Except of course what you have been programmed to do by your life experiences so far. It is possible until someone points this out, you may not even realise you are in this vicious circle. Sometimes you need to take a few steps back and look at your life like an outsider before you can realise the hamster wheel you have created for yourself.

Who Is Paying You

Yes, it may sound a little harsh but where you are today is a direct result of actions you have taken in the past. Blaming it on job, spouses, econonomy or anything else you may think of will turn you into a victim. I am a great believer in you can be a victim or be successful but you need to decide which one you are going to be!  If you decide to be a victim you can whine complain blame, make excuses and anything else that will draw attention to your difficult/sad situation.

Or you can pull yourself together and decide what you are going to do and start taking some action towards that goal starting today. Every successful person had to take the first step, remember without taking the first step you will never arrive at your goal. When I talk about who is paying you? I am not actually talking about a job in my opinion jobs are for sheep okay there will always have to be some sheep but I am just not happy to be one of them.

When it comes to who is paying you am talking about a business. Think about it who takes money off you every month?  Your electric supplier your gas company, petrol stations,your telephone and internet provider, your mobile phone provider. Yes, these people are all taking money off you every month that is why many of them are companies worth billions. If you want to start having a successful business and getting paid the money to live your dream lifestyle. You need to create or find a product/products which people need and are willing to pay money for preferably on an ongoing basis.

That is the secret of creating true wealth whether it be a product a commodity or a service, you need to find a hungry market of buyers people who need what you are selling. And create a 1st class product service coupled with a great advertising campaign. That puts your product service etc in front of them. Coupled with a great headline and sales copy, which will fulfill their desire to take them over the edge and make that purchase.

I can remember a time a few years ago when I was paying a fortune on mortgages interest, credit card interest, mobile phone bills large phone bills literally thousands of pounds a month yes I was a slave ..  To the banks… To the credit card companies… Now I am more interested and focused on the income much of it being passive. Yes, I make money while I sleep I don’t need to work my butt off for some miserable employer. Ask permission to go to the toilet, go on holiday. Get moaned at if I don’t come in ten mins early for work even if I don’t get paid for yet.

I can truly and proudly say I am no longer a sheep…  🙂 Okay like all of us I still am a cash cow for the Illuminati and the government as I still need to put fuel in my car, pay road tax property tax, etc. But at least I have my own cash cow businesses that pay for that, yes I have money working for me. Websites working for me. Other team members working with me and paying me at the same time. I have affiliate commissions, passive income commissions. And money for some coaching work I do which is my own time but I actually really enjoy it. So it doesn’t feel like a job to me and I am very happy to work for myself, in fact, I cannot think of any employer I would rather work for or even consider working for.

The first step to change your situation is to be able to see it and recognise it and make a decision about what you need to change. Where you want to be, What you need to do to get there. Awareness is the key if you are a sheep in a pen and you think the pen looks familiar and when told you are in a pen you decide not to be aware of it. Then you decide to live the rest of your life as a sheep fenced in your sad little world. And ignore the fact you are controlled fenced in and not achieving the life you deserve to live.

If you are still in a job and feel you need to make more income to have more freedom, to spend more time with your children and get to see them growing up then feel free to join me in one of my online businesses becoming a part of my time will get you access to myself £100 an hour value membership of my Skype mastermind, and facebook groups and also a proven business which works with many people who are generating hundreds thousands or even in excess of a million dollars per annum income working for themselves.  I would be delighted to have you on our team you can get started today by clicking on any of the links below this video from one of my favourite teachers Jim Rohn.

The Day That Turns Your Life Around Jim Rohn



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Who Is Paying You?