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Huge applause to the internet and smartphone founders who revolutionized the IT sector. So if you are interested in starting your own online business, do not give a second thought. This era that we are living in an Internet-driven era. News spreads faster on the internet than through any other channel. Perhaps the internet is overpowering other channels because of the higher internet penetration rates.


Nearly every brick mortar store has been transitioned to an online e-store due to huge advancements in the e-commerce industry. You may feel that the only people making business are gigantic platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, or other famous platforms. But the truth is they became famous because they were the first of their kind, in this genre. Paytm – the first-ever mobile commerce application has become an everyday go-to app for us. Paytm kyc online verification is mandatory to continue with the services provided by Paytm. So in a similar manner, once you have an online presence, advancements and changes will keep ongoing.


Now the question of the hour – How can you take the lead out of this massive ocean of internet? I myself was tired of my desk job, it felt like my life is slipping away right in front of me and I am helpless, unable to do anything about it. But then, one day I introspective about what I really want. This life-changing moment comes in everyone’s life, hope you all also find one 🙂


There are so many ways to become rich using the internet – become a freelancer, become a consultant, start your own marketing services, start your own youtube channel, start selling online and so much more. You have to just find what is right for you and get started.

Here are a few business ideas that can help you make money by starting an online business.



  • SEO Services


People think of many small business ideas and SEO Service is also one of them. Search Engine Optimization increases the online presence of web pages to increase traffic. It is a growing industry with multitudinous opportunities. The basic criteria to have an online presence is to create a website. To increase the traffic, your content must be compelling, which answers all the questions of the searcher. 


SEO is going to be more lucrative with the advancements on the internet. Research shows that its demand is going to increase in the coming years is not necessary to work for clients, in the beginning, you can create your own website for the purpose of blogging by selecting any niche of your interest with the correct SEO skills. So it is an easy method to earn.


In the long run, it won’t be difficult to get clients because this domain is evergreen and would never fade away. People will never stop building websites. So once any website is built, SEO is a vital part. Without SEO online presence and traffic won’t be achieved. Thus SEO is an inseparable part of the internet. So one can easily earn a good amount of money.



  • Online Teaching or Domain Expert



You might be an expert in Maths, Physics, Coding, language, or any other domain. There are so many online teaching platforms out there. Amidst of the coronavirus, online teaching is the new school. State code GSTYou can start with basic and general topics. If you have expertise in business or an in-depth knowledge that you can help other people to set up a business of their own, you can definitely start an online teaching portal.


The best attitude in this teaching industry is to provide beyond belief value for which people pay. Make sure you provide value education. Business coach experts try to analyze the current situation of the business, where they want to be down the line in the upcoming years and then provide a way to their clients to achieve their dreams, which is absolutely worth every penny.


I believe there is nothing as worthy as sharing knowledge and making a great value out of it. So folks, get started today. Start with small, approach some customers and help them achieve their goals. Post their extremely powerful testimonials on your portal to reach out to larger audiences.



  • Ad Services and Online Marketing



Top platforms such as Facebook, Youtube earn a huge amount of money through ads.  So looking at these huge tech giants, look at how you can reach massive riches using ad services.

In this highly competitive market, online business owners pay huge amounts of money to drive traffic from ads. So if you are a pro in ads services – retargeting, understand the audience, etc, it is a very complex process. However, if you are an expert in it, you can start with your own Ad service and online marketing agency.


Explosive growth in Online ads is expected in the future. We are still in the beginning phase of the internet. So the earlier you start on this business, the quicker you can start earning in the long run.


Online marketing and affiliate marketing are few of the marketing tactics people usually follow these days to grab the attention of the audience. Powerful marketing strategies help out to earn new potential customers and earn profits. All the online e-commerce and other e-stores hire professionals for marketing and pay huge amounts of money. So once you have gained enough knowledge you can get started.


  • Online Blogging



What do we do when we have questions in our minds? Most of us google it. The topic could be anything – GST registration online or any other. Do you have robust knowledge which you can share with other people?  You could be an expert in sharing new recipes, traveling hacks, new languages, or maybe any other thing. Whatever it is, you can easily share this with others by starting to create blogs.


Choose a blog template, various free platforms are available like WordPress. Look out for your niche and start writing. It is as simple as that. It is about sharing what you already know. I feel when someone is emotionally involved and loves what they are passionate about, they are genuinely interested in sharing. So online blogging will help you earn money, but along with that, it will let you do what you really love.



  • Incubation Center



Create a space for those in need where they can learn new development skills. You can get paid to teach those skills. In this space, you can also welcome new ideas, where people can share and explore new opportunities. People these days do not want to work or do desk jobs, they want to become entrepreneurs. So starting up this center will always be in profits as the opportunities are endless.


If you are passionate about anything, you can even start creating webinars. You can keep an entry fee. In the beginning keep it lower, once you have enough audience, and trust gained among the audience, later you can increase the fees, well it is a personal choice.


Change Your Strategy – Change Your Results

Sometimes when it comes to your business you need to take a few steps back and look and see what’s going on.  The thing is that over a period of time little minor changes in your life, in your business, in your direction can end up in you going to a totally different destination.   The problem is many people can spend years even decades drifting away from their destination and ending up in a totally different direction than they had originally planned to go.

The great thing is we where given a few different tools to deal with life.  Just one quick look at your bank account now, and  5 years  ago can tell you a big story about the direction you are heading.   We also have  basic common sense even if in many cases with a lot of people common sense just  isn’t always that common.  Looking at where you are now and where you wanted to be, can instantly tell you whether you are heading in the right direction.  Or if you are completely off course, remember even going a couple of degrees off course, can make you end up at the other side of the world if you travel long enough.

Many people have relationship problems, marriage problems, health issues and lots of other things and often these things are due to a minor deviation off course..  

Some examples might be 

Marriage or relationships –  Starting to communicate less and less over a number of months or years, ending up completely loathing or blaming the other person in your relationship due to a lack of clear communication.

Health Issues –  Just watching a couple of extra hours of TV programs a few times a week or daily could end up with you piling on the pounds. When left over many years this can escalate to some serious health issues like being overweight, bad circulation, feeling less energetic to exercise, Diabetes, heart disease, cancer or other complications.

Business Issues – You may start out in your new business with great intention and enthusiasm and have success in the first few months, but then later you stop doing a few of the things you did when you started the business in the first place.   Often just making a few tweaks at the start can get you back in line.  But once again in business if you drift into small bad habits over the years.Then this can cause you a huge loss of profit and or customers, and even end up leaving you in a position where you have to close  down your business.

Just looking back at what worked in your business in the past, and what you have overlooked can end up getting you or your business back on track and achieving better results. For you and your clients or customers.

Financial Issues  – When it comes to money.

Money will be attracted to people who provide value, money will also stay with the people who look after it.   Maybe when you where a child you used to save money and where always okay financially.  But then you got married and your wife likes shopping a lot and at the end of the week your bank accounts are empty..    Or else you may just take up gambling or spend all your money on a new hobby or buying doodads(Buying things which are a liability- instead of an asset which Take money out of your pocket)   The long term effects of this can mean you end up being broke on a regular basis.   Maybe just by redirecting 10 or 20% of your monthly income to buying appreciating assets (That put money in your pocket)  you could end up extremely wealthy and comfortable.

The last few months I have had a lot of stuff going on at home, and due to the fact that my online business does make me plenty of money on complete autopilot.   I was doing a lot less marketing and blogging than I would usually do.   And although I still get a lot of passup sales from other team members efforts.  I haven’t been registering as many new customers as I would normally do.

Fortunately I decided to follow the exact advice I am giving here on this blog post.  Yes indeed if I want to create more personal sales results in my business I have to do more blogging and marketing/social media sharing.

The great thing is for years I used a few social media strategies which always worked.  Yes this is an essential part of building an online business just getting eyes on your products or content.   As no products, services or content = No Sales..

The great news is that my son helped me create a business plan for your social media and blog posts as well.  And anyone that joins my team will get to download the exact templates I made for sharing your content.  This is huge and is not anything like I have ever shown you before.  If you want access to it then post a blog comment below when I get enough comments I will send you the social media strategy planner for free.

This new social media strategy I believe has the possibility to increase your Social Media exposure x5 or 10 times and it is actually quite simple when you follow the diagram which I will be adding below I was just going to give this out too my personal team members but if 10 or more  people want it I will add it below..  🙂   Just comment below  if you want to get access to the new templates and check back on this post later  🙂



Change Your Strategy – Change Your Results

10 Top Reasons For Starting An Online Business

Have you ever thought about starting your own online business?

If not then this post might help you take a look at some of the reasons why setting up an online business should be something you may want to consider.

Of course these are entirely my reasons your reasons may be entirely different from mine.


1. Being able to schedule my own time and not having  to work around someone elses’s schedule.

2. Responsibility – I am 100% Responsible for my the income I generate from my business so if I have a good week or a bad week financially I have only myself to blame.

3. Being able to spend lots of time around my children and watch them grow up and not miss it like some hard working parents who are full time employees.

4. Having your own online business is much more tax friendly than  being an employee so it could save you tens or hundreds of thousands in taxes over your lifetime.  100% legally.

5. Being able to leave a legacy something that goes on even after you are no longer here.

6. Being able to make money while you sleep, holiday , celebrate or relax, yes while you are sleeping. Your book or digital marketing courses can be selling all around the world without you needing to lift a finger..

7. Having an online business is a great way to be able to generate residual income.   Yes you can do some work once and get paid over and over again.

8. Having an online business gives you an opportunity to be able to make enough money to live your dream lifestyle with a little knowledge dedication and some decisive action taking.

9. Having an online business allows me to provide for myself and my family all the things they need to live a happy and abundant lifestyle.

10. Having an online business in the form of a blog or website gives me the opportunity to be able to share my knowledge, know how and advertise my businesses or services all around the world and get paid for it at the same time.



10 Top Reasons For Starting An Online Business

Desperate For Business- Here Is What You Need

I have been selling products and services online for over 10 years, on a regular basis I get approached by people using regular undercover MLM training.

Personally I think it sucks !!That’s why I don’t recruit people using these dinosaur marketing methods?


Of course it can and does work and fits in fine with many peoples personalities.  But here is a question do you need to ask yourself?

Would you prefer to sell fitness training equipment to a personal trainer who approaches you.

Or would you prefer to sell a professional cyclist a parachute?   Or spend your time asking questions on a 1 on 1 basis knowing that a huge percentage of people you approach don’t want, need or just aren’t interested in your product.


Well to my shock after 10 years of marketing online so many people online still try this 2nd approach.


They contact you on Skype, Facebook and start small talk for about ten seconds before mentioning their business.  If they think they are really smart they will try to act under the radar.

Like talking about their product in a roundabout way.  Often times selling products and services with many flaws and in some cases even dangerous products,especially pharmaceutical products.  ( I am not a big Pharma fan)


If you are one of those people maybe you need to check out this post I wrote ..


What I can tell you is that if you are one of these people? Then you are definetely desperate for a platform that will bring you targeted people interested in your products and services.  And proper training on how to build your business using the internet so you can have a life instead of beating the phones all day and making three way calls with your upline.   Selling people autoships they never wanted in the first place.

If you are already killing it in your online or offline business and have an endless supply of customers beating down the doors for your product.  Then this may not be for you!


If on the other hand you want to be able to build a business while having a life and allowing your friends,family and social networking friends to have one too.  Instead of beating them down one at a time to make a quick $$$..


Great news is you will be joining a business that has paid out over 160,000,000 Dollars in affiliate commissions so far ( Goal is 1 Billion in Commissions By 2018)


So if that sounds like a better business model to you then better click the button below enter your email and get started today.


Otherwise keep doing the same thing you are doing if you are happy with your results 🙂


If Not Then


Albert Einstein Height Of Insanity

Albert Einstein Height Of Insanity


When you click the link below you will get access to our Kalatu Viral Blogging Platform the opportunity to learn about Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Personal Access to all our team training hangouts.

If you are fast you will get it for a crazy  low price as long as you register before the timer runs out 🙂  


Desperate For Business- Here Is What You Need

A Typical Day For Tim Ferris

Sotiris  —  February 10, 2015

A Typical Day For Tim Ferris

In this video you will be able able to see a typical day for Tim Ferris Author of the 4 Hour Workweek

And The 4 Hour Body And More.  Tim really knows how to manage his time and get the most out of life and

be successful without killing himself in the process like many of us do.


Definitely worth a watch if you want more time freedom more success tips or just learning how to manage your life and business better

A Typical Day For Tim Ferris

Self Employed or Entrepreneur?

Sotiris  —  January 31, 2015

Andrew Reynolds — Self Employed or Entrepreneur?



Andrew Reynolds — Self Employed or Entrepreneur?




Is Your Business Visible Online Yet?

Every day I see people who think that having an online business is rocket science, when the truth is with what we have available today it is actually really simple.   I remember recently deciding to order a meal from a local Asian Takeaway so I did what everyone else would do.

I pulled out my smartphone and typed in the name of the business to Google.  Unfortunately there was no sign of it on Google and no way online for me to get their telephone number.  So I went in person and mentioned to the owner that he was nowhere to be found in Google he just shrugged his shoulders.

At that point I asked myself a question?  How many people type their name into Google and get the same result or answer?  I am sure there must be a few so I did a little experiment I created a blog post about the business giving their telephone number and a few other details and within a short time using a viral blogging system was ranking on no 1 for their name?

Since then I have noticed a crazy amount of traffic coming on to my blog from that search term on Google..  Thankfully for the owner of the business I am friendly with them and I am not a competitor, and for free I am advertising their business on Google in exchange for a few regular new visitors to my blog.

I see this all the time I had a conversation with a friend of mine a few years ago for a product they where selling and proved to them by just setting up a site I could get payments coming in for a business I knew nothing about and outsource the work to him.

The bottom line is if you are not online with your business no matter what it is then you are throwing money down the toilet daily.  To your competitors or just by blatantly losing clients or sales. Getting your own viral blog or website is not rocket science in fact you can get one today  see for yourself


Click Here For Instant Access


Look it is really this simple you are maybe trying to do the same thing you have always done over and over again and hoping to make more money?


Albert Einstein Once Said 

The Definition Of Insanity Is Doing The Same thing Over And Over Again

And Expecting A Different Result

albert einstein definition of insanity

albert einstein definition of insanity


So you have two choices continue what you have been doing and try to prove Albert Einstein is wrong?

Or take some good advice and start systemising your online business or generate customers for your offline business online.  🙂



Is Your Business Visible Online Yet?

Training For Business Owners

Sotiris  —  January 7, 2015
When it comes to running a business whether it is offline or online there are some principles you should know if you want to run a successful business.
  1. Training For Business Owners


What Is The 80 20 Rule And How Can It Affect Your Business


What Is The 80 20 Rule And How Can It Affect Your Business


How to fast track your way to online success



Join my Team Here

How to fast track your way to online success