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What makes these services different from other services that are available online?

1. Many people who design websites are graphic designers who do not make money selling products and services online - With over 18 Years Experience selling products and services online using many different methods, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Blogging, Selling on Amazon as an affiliate and as an amazon seller, selling on Intellifluence, selling on Fiverr, made money from Google Adsense and selling on eBay and working with my 15 year old son who runs a successful eBay business making over 10k in sales per month. I can show what works and what doesn't

2. Unlike a lot of other Guru's who create video courses or outsource video courses to employees I spend my own personal time and experience to help setup your online business and show you how everything works keeping it as simple as possible for you every step of the way. And it is not a video we do it live via Zoom so you can see what I am doing and I can coach you step by step through the process.

Realistic Pricing - When setting up an online business you will need various online tools to setup your business, instead of charging you exhorbitant prices for creating a website $3500 or $35,000 Pounds. I keep the prices affordable often less than a couple of weeks wages in many cases. I am an affiliate of some of the tools and get paid some commissions from that and some small residual commissions for ongoing tools like funnel builders autoresponders and shopping carts/ payment systems

You Own Your Online Business - When I help you setup your online business unless you decide otherwise I help you get all the tools, the hosting the domain names the websites/blogs the funnelbuilder tools in your name, And I show you how to use them this then gives you much more control over your online business. Unlike some other companies who setup your business in their name and you end up paying tens, hundreds or thousands of £$ every time you want some changes made.

How To Automate Your Business When Possible - Of course in all online businesses it is not possible to automate everything, but I have run my fair share of automated online business and made plenty of passive income while I sleep. So if you are looking to setup some automated tools to make you money online look no further.

Ongoing Access To Me- Ask any of my long-time students and they will tell you whenever they have a problem or question about their online business. I am there for them in fact I spend many hours online with clients helping them out with stuff, even if they haven't purchased or paid me anything for a long time. I like to treat my online coaching students and clients like my friends :-)

Who is my ideal client or coaching students?

1. People who are willing to follow instructions buy the tools required to start their online business and actually listen when I offer them my 18 Years Of Online Digital Marketing Experience

2. People who realise that there will be some work involved and are willing to put their heads down and do it or willing to pay to outsource the work to someone else. Just because this is not a job does not mean it is an easy get rich scheme that will make you money with no or with very little effort.

3. People who realise that building and monetising online content or tools or coaching services empire takes time and will not happen overnight. Please allow yourself at least a year to generate regular income and results. Yes, you could make money on your first day but do not count on it.

4. People who understand that starting any business costs some money and are willing to buy the tools or services necessary to get their online business up and running as efficiently as possible.

You would not start a drive-through restaurant for less than $750,000 and if you did you wouldn't decide not to buy a till or card transaction machine or not buy a chip pan to save money.

To set up an online business properly it could cost £1k or £2k for some software and tools and setting up your business it may also be a couple to a few hundred dollars a month for ongoing tools and services to run your online business properly.

Who would I prefer not to work with?

1. People who are looking for the latest push the red button to millions Clickbank products. Digital marketing requires time work, effort, and often some thought if you want to be successful.

2. People who can not follow instructions or just want to do their own thing in their own way, if you have all the answers and will not listen to me I probably won't be able to help you as a mentor.

3. People who want fancy designs - I am not a designer I can create simple Wordpress Websites and blogs using WordPress Themes that are plain simple and can install your brand logo and make a banner. Plain white websites convert 40% better than fancy designed ones I get results online and want to help you do the same. If you are looking fancy custom designed graphic websites made by employees who haven't made money online. You are probably on the wrong page.

4. People who question everything I say or do. I don't mind some questions but when someone spends hours rambling on about me doing something that I do not want to do. Or using software I do not like or have no experience with. THIS WASTES THE TIME FOR BOTH OF US.

With the reduced. prices that I charge I have not budgeted for 2 hour conversations that are not relevent to the business we will be creating

I am very fast and efficient at what I do and instead of messing around for months like some web designers do I can have all your stuff often all working within a day. If my time is not wasted uneccessarily during the online business creation process.

If you want to find out more about how we can work together you can send me a message or Book A Free 30 Minute Digital Marketing Consultation By Clicking Here

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