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Digital finance has become a fundamental way of spending and making money. E-commerce accounts for over 20% of all total global retail sales, and it’s only bound to get bigger as the years pass.  That’s why it’s such a ripe opportunity for digital marketers to expand their clientele.

However, simply adapting traditional methods to phones and computers isn’t enough. New strategies and technologies are developed every day, but there are fundamental tenets you can ascribe to that makes digital marketing a solid choice for the finance industry.

Digital Methods

Financial businesses need to develop a custom-made digital strategy centered around their customers for effective customer acquisition. The focus is on using data to make informed decisions and using technology to meet customer needs.

Rather than just transferring traditional marketing methods to the online environment, digital marketing’s strengths lie in what traditional marketing can’t accomplish. Its incredible reach and speed of implementation are unmatched, so think big with your methods.

Understanding Data

Data is crucial in digital marketing. It provides important insights into customer behaviors, preferences, and financial habits. This information allows financial companies to create specific and personalized approaches, leading to improved customer retention.

On a  personal level, data also helps marketers understand their customers better. The “feeling of being marketed to” is often the result of marketers not quite honing on what their customers want. Hard data makes marketers more in tune with what the trends are saying.

Individual Approach

A strategy that personalizes marketing messages to fit specific customer profiles increases customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty. Personalization comes from effective data understanding and is crucial for successful digital marketing. 

As mentioned above, data helps marketers be more personal, and this is where they can manifest that to customers. Chatbots, consensual targeted marketing, special offers, and even just holding conversations with customers through comments are better when backed by digital data.

Streamlined Marketing

Streamlining was difficult in the days before the internet. There was no way to see what every business was doing with their style at a moment’s notice. For example, the infamous story where Ray Kroc got angry at his partners in franchising for diverting too far from the McDonald’s identity that he wanted to build.

Marketing automation technology helps to make marketing tasks more efficient and improves the customer experience. This technology assists in ensuring that your brand, no matter where in the world, can provide the same, reliable service that it does on its home turf.

Online Networking

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are the new faces of online marketing. Being active on these platforms and sharing important content is crucial for growth in the modern market. Social media allows that personal touch that many other methods of online marketing simply don’t allow for.

It’s good to maximize all those platforms, but make sure to give priority to the ones giving you the most engagement. That usually means the audience you want is right there.  Paired with Search engine optimization (SEO),  you’ll be providing valuable content, ensuring mobile-friendly web design, and building trust with potential customers.

Website Refinement

The process of improving your website to enhance the customer experience is called conversion optimization. This may involve simplifying website navigation, improving the landing page, or reducing the number of steps to complete a transaction. Remember, most people only spend a few seconds on most sites.

If their first impression is anything negative, this significantly reduces the chances of them visiting your website again. A responsive website that’s clear about where things are supposed to go makes loyal customers. Your website is your virtual headquarters. Nobody wants a headquarters where the floor is wet and the power is always out.

Providing Quality

The biggest mistake that many marketers make is that marketing is all there is. There’s bragging about “being able to sell water to a fish”, but that’s the type of marketing that only works once. If people catch on to the fact that you’re overhyping a service, negative word-of-mouth will overpower any good marketing on your part.

Creating valuable, relevant, and engaging content can significantly increase customer acquisition. Content that explains difficult financial concepts, provides investment insights or offers financial advice can attract potential customers and establish your business as a trusted source of financial information.

Final Note

Digital marketing is a strategic approach to customer acquisition in the financial world. It is about understanding the customer, using data to make decisions, and using technology to improve processes. The fundamentals above will get your foot in the door, but digital marketing is a multi-headed beast.

There are so many ways to tackle it, and it seems every secret uncovered leads you down a rabbit hole of more strategies. Stick to what’s trusted as a safety net, but never allow yourself to stagnate. In the competitive financial sector, digital marketing provides an irrefutable advantage.

Marketing guide: Why should you consider using infographics for marketing

Infographics (or information graphics) are graphic visual representations of information, knowledge or data. They make it possible to understand complex information quickly and clearly. They are used in newsletters, presentations, annual reports, blogs, and research content. They help in retaining the interest of the viewers.

Infographics are gaining popularity among marketers. They help marketers communicate with customers effectively. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words. Also creating infographics is easier than writing a blog post. Infographics also gives you an opportunity to display your expertise on the subject.

A good infographics campaign will be able to convey what your brand stands for much than a lengthy write up about your brand in a newspaper. Customers find highly visual infographics easy to digest. They make it easy for you to create brand awareness and can be used anywhere.

Marketing guide: Why should you consider using infographics for marketing

There is immense scope to unleash your creativity. Since visuals are involved, in addition to possessing researched material, you need to use your creativity to present the same to your audience.

Another reason for the increasing popularity of infographics is that there are search engines dedicated to them. Also, some websites share popular infographics daily. There is also the possibility of infographics campaign going viral.

It is very important to conduct thorough research before creating infographics. It is advisable to reference facts in the infographics. Your focus should be to develop and present a coherent story. It is a good idea to retain simplicity.


Choose the colors to suit the occasion. It is advisable not to make it too gaudy. It depends on your business and your audience. Avoid the temptation to include stuff that appears attractive, but does not convey what your brand stands for.

Convey the message quickly. Draw conclusions. It is very important to include your URL in your infographics. This practice will drive tons of traffic to your website.

Even though it is a good idea to use the services of a reputed graphics designer, you can also attempt to create infographics. Technology has made it possible for anyone to create infographics.


Many resources are available online which help you in creating your own infographics. Hohli is very useful in generating graphs and charts. is used by many graphic designers. GapMinder is a free Adobe Air application that gives you latest data on many issues. Its visuals are very impressive.

Daytum is another awesome tool which is used by many marketers. It enables you to collect data over a period of time and display it in a variety of formats. This tool is well-known for its designs. Wordle allows you to upload a collection of words and then to work on them to fit into a range of different shapes.

If you are not using infographics in your marketing campaigns, you are missing a great deal. The above-mentioned tips will help you to make the most of infographics and will give your brand an edge over your competitors’.


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Marketing guide: Why should you consider using infographics for marketing