Restaurant Marketing- How to increase customers to your business

Sotiris  —  November 6, 2016

Restaurant Marketing- How to increase customers to your business

When it comes to restaurant marketing many restaurateurs underestimate the impact of online marketing. More and more people are looking to Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks when looking for a place to eat or anything else for that matter. If you do not have any internet presence you are sure to lose out against your competition. Even if your restaurant is the best with bad marketing your business may end up in trouble financially.

Restaurant Marketing- How to increase customers to your business

With the tightening of many peoples budgets, luxury items like eating out and expensive luxury goods in the middle-class market are the first to take a hit. If you are not getting your restaurant noticed using marketing online then you are more likely to be one of the casualties of the recession.

There are many businesses right now who are nowhere near a recession they are making a fortune getting customers online. Like Robert Kiyosaki says most people are just one skill short of making a huge breakthrough in their income. Not marketing properly or spending thousands on old fashioned out of date advertising techniques is one sure way to lose your business fast.

Learning to market online is a sure way to more business and even a great way to make more income streams from the business you already have. Many restaurants would greatly benefit from an extra 15 takeaway orders per night. That’s not a lot but could make or break your business. I went in to a takeaway last night and was talking to the owner he was telling me how quiet business was they only had 15 orders on Saturday night.

Which is not good if you are paying three or 4 staff to work plus overheads on the business. If their business was listed no1 on Google in their town or the nearest two towns. They could definitely pull in a few more orders ..  Or if a group of 3000 people who live in that town who support the local football get told by their friends what a wonderful meal they had there. That could surely also pull in a few orders as good news travels fast.

We had a few Greek restaurants and I also worked in many restaurants including two Michelin star restaurants and a five-star hotel. so I have have seen a lot of outdated ways of marketing which are still being used to this day.   I have been marketing online since 2005 so I understand how online marketing works. I offer 1 To 1 Internet Coaching for business owners. I also am involved in an amazing system which can be very useful for getting your website in the public eye.

Everyone on our team has Free Access to me and the cost of this starts from only $25 a month which is kind of a no brainer I cannot guarantee how long I will be able to continue to offer this service but if you would like to take advantage of it or my cashback business which can also generate you more local customers too. Click on the cashback link or alternatively click on the link below to become a member of our team. Let’s get your restaurant marketing skills tuned up today.

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Restaurant Marketing- How to increase customers to your business