Email Marketing: How To Get More Email Click Throughs On Your Email Campaigns

Sotiris  —  November 6, 2016

Email Marketing: How To Get More Email Click Throughs On Your Email Campaigns

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing wherein the business uses electronic mail (popularly known as email) for marketing efforts. In a broad sense, every email sent to a prospective and an existing customer can be considered email marketing.

Email marketing is hugely popular all over the world as it is quick and effective. Businesses in the United States alone have spent $1.51 billion on email marketing in 2011.

The challenge for a marketer is to get more click throughs on their email campaigns. Here are some tips on how to achieve this.

In today’s competitive world, many people, things and events occupy an average human being’s mind space. The chances of the person opening your email are more if you send it twice.

While resending the email, it is advisable to send to only those who would not have opened the first email. Change the subject line. It is a good idea to add a note which says something like “In case you have missed the first message…” Or you may emphasize on a different benefit. It is a good idea to send on a different day of the week.

People all over the world endeavor to get the best bargain while purchasing anything. It is an inherent human quality. It is advisable to use the word “FREE” in your email campaign. This is a powerful word, which generates more click throughs.

Keep your message short and to the point. People do not have time to go through lengthy messages. A study showed that shorter copy for the main call-to-action ensured that the secondary link offers gained more attention.

A study conducted by Bitly (a URL shortening and bookmarking service company) found that links have a half life! Half life is the amount of time at which a link will receive half of the clicks it will ever receive after it has reached its peak.

The half life of a link on Facebook is 3.2 hours and on Twitter is 2.8 hours. To make the most of the social media, tweet (and post to Facebook) the link of your latest email campaign after you email the message.

It is a good idea to retweet and repost the same after around three hours. A study shows that the second chance social posts generate an additional 50 percent clicks. But you should not overdo it.

It is a good idea to use an autoresponder to send automated follow ups. You only need to create informative message series once. Your autoresponders will do the rest month after month, year after year; sending out automated follow-ups.

Autoresponders are usually used to follow up with new list subscribers, new customers, repeat customers, new prospects, abandoned shopping cart cases and people who would have showed interest in specific products.

The more the autoresponders (that send out follow up messages targeted to specific topics), the more that click throughs. Many autoresponders are available on the internet.

By incorporating the above-mentioned guidelines into your email marketing strategy, you can be assured of high email click through rate.


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Email Marketing: How To Get More Email Click Throughs On Your Email Campaigns