Easy Video Editing-Makes Editing Videos A Breeze

Sotiris  —  November 5, 2016


Easy Video Editing-Makes Editing Videos A Breeze

As technology improves we keep getting easier and better ways to market online. There are a number of alternatives when choosing a way to market your business or services. Video marketing has become one of the best ways along with webinars to market a product and service online. I have tried many different methods of marketing online with videos as there are a few models.

One of the hardest things for many people starting out online especially with video marketing is How to edit their videos. Up until now there was no really easy video editing software available online. Camtasia was good but requires some training to figure out how to use it. It just wasn’t straight forward for newbies.

Often at the start or the end of videos many people start their video too early or take a while to switch off their software.Leaving long periods of no sound in the video, If you are a little nervous about making videos and new to it, in fact even an experienced marketer is guilty of this. Chances are you might use filler words in your videos like em,like, and when used too much sounds a bit weird. That is where having an easy video editing software comes in handy. So you can get rid of them.

My Amazon s3 hosting costs me about 50 cents a month which is pretty awesome it is very cheap and highly recommended. I have bought and tried lots of different similar software to this one. Like S3 Media Player Wistia ETC..  But when compared with this software Wistia costs a fortune at about $1200 dollars a year for a Pro Account. This is a much better alternative and a one off payment and you own the hosting account.

Lets put it this way  Wistia hosting costing $1200 a year and Camtasia Studio costing a few hundred dollars .. I feel like I am getting the best of both worlds using this easy Video editing software. There are lots of other cool features I haven’t mentioned here that you can see in the videos above. In fact top Marketers who only normally sell their own stuff are even talking about it..

If you are not making videos and you are a website owner you need to realize a few things.

  1. Videos convert better than writing articles and sales copy.
  2. Video keep people on your website longer resulting in longer website visits which the search engines love this will help your websites rankings as well.
  3. Most people are also watching videos on their smart phone now this is a whole new generation of people you and your business can tap into with this video editing software.
  4. There is an app for your android phones or Iphone it so you can upload your videos directly to your Amazon S3 hosting or You Tube account straight from your smartphone.
  5. Using video will Automate your business, you can be selling stuff 24/7 via your videos while you are lying on a beach somewhere with your feet up.
  6. You can do screen recordings with this bit of software and do drawings etc and record them as a video easily just like with Camtasia but it is even simpler.
  7. You can do it the easy way or the difficult way the choice is yours but whether I was just starting out online or an experienced marketer I would definitely go for the easy and most up to date way possible. When it comes to marketing my online business.


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Easy Video Editing-Makes Editing Videos A Breeze