New Google keyword tool alternative – You’re Fired

Sotiris  —  November 4, 2016


New Google keyword tool alternative – You’re Fired

When it comes to marketing online anyone who has been taught by online marketers anything about SEO or even paid advertising will understand the power of keywords and keyword searches. Throughout my time marketing online I have bought and used a number of different online keyword research tools and software.

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Recently I had just been using the Google Keyword tool again but after watching this video and putting what it says to the test and seeing the results.  I am afraid the Google keyword tool will not be required…  One of the other things that I also love about this awesome piece of software is that It brings in results from websites that are buyer based.. Yes keywords from people sitting with their credit cards out ready to make their next purchase.

People who are on Ebay and Amazon from all the online marketing tutorials I have had over the years I realise the power in having a bunch of buyers arriving at your product or services…    Credit cards at the ready heck knows I am one of them when I saw this little baby tonight I instantly pulled out my debit card..  Just watch the video and see the demonstration and see what you make of it yourself.  I personally am finding keywords like I never thought possible…


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New Google keyword tool alternative – You’re Fired