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New Google keyword tool alternative – You’re Fired

When it comes to marketing online anyone who has been taught by online marketers anything about SEO or even paid advertising will understand the power of keywords and keyword searches. Throughout my time marketing online I have bought and used a number of different online keyword research tools and software.

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Recently I had just been using the Google Keyword tool again but after watching this video and putting what it says to the test and seeing the results.  I am afraid the Google keyword tool will not be required…  One of the other things that I also love about this awesome piece of software is that It brings in results from websites that are buyer based.. Yes keywords from people sitting with their credit cards out ready to make their next purchase.

People who are on Ebay and Amazon from all the online marketing tutorials I have had over the years I realise the power in having a bunch of buyers arriving at your product or services…    Credit cards at the ready heck knows I am one of them when I saw this little baby tonight I instantly pulled out my debit card..  Just watch the video and see the demonstration and see what you make of it yourself.  I personally am finding keywords like I never thought possible…


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New Google keyword tool alternative – You’re Fired

When it comes to creating a successful blog it can be the little tweaks that make all the difference to your blog and income from blogging.

Using this  Blogging System we already have all the bells and whistles we need.

But if you have a simple self hosted WordPress blog then these plugins will make your blog more effective.

And in many cases also make it look much more professional as well.

  1. Ad Injection

    This allows you to automatically put ads or calls to action in 4 different areas of your blog posts. You can pick and choose which pages or posts you want them to appear which is also very beneficial too.


  2. Yoast SEO Plugin

    It helps the SEO of your blog by adding keywords meta tags and other things to your posts. Therefore having the ability to improve your search engine rankings as well.


  3. Wp Touch

    Wp Touch optimises your WordPress blog for mobile phones and other devices. So that no matter what type of thing be it a tablet, mobile phone, Ipad,Iphone or other device. Your blog will always look professional and be easy to navigate through.


  4. Pretty Link Lite

    Pretty link gives you the ability to customise or shorten links using your own domains url.

    So for example if you join an affiliate programme and they give you a link like this ..

    You can easily change the link to


If you haven’t already got a blog or want to bypass all the plugin installation ETC. You can the button to get access to our New Viral Blogging System.

How you get these plugins is login to the backoffice of your WordPress blog.

By going to
Log In with your username and password.

In the dashboard on the left hand side click on plugins and in the search bar type the name of these plugins that I put in this post.

Then press search .

Once the plugin appears click install Plugin once it finishes installing click on activate. And that should be your plugin installed .

Please note in some of the plugins you might have to click on the plugin in your WordPress dashboard and change the setting to the way that you want.

How To Create A Facebook Group Banner

In Todays video I will be showing you how to create a Facebook Group Banner.

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Here Are Some Tools For Creating Professional Videos, Protect Your Videos From Deletion,create And Edit Screen Capture Videos,make Professional Logos And Banners For Your Website Or Facebook
These Items will help make your business look more professional, get you more sales and also help prevent you losing content due to hosting your videos on only social networks.
  1. EVS

    Is a software that helps you easily upload your videos to Amazon S3 Hosting it also helps you do screen capture videos and has a huge lot of other advanced features to help you look like a true video marketing Pro

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  2. Easy Videomaker

    This cool tool helps you create professional whiteboard videos that can also include background music or a voiceover recording.

    Will make your business videos look professional so you and your business can stand out from the amateurs

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  3. Easy Logo Creator

    This makes logo design and banner creation a breeze you can make any sized banner in fact there is even templates to create banners for Facebook Pages And Groups As Well.

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After you get these things the only thing still missing is a professional blogging system like this one Click The Button For More Information On This.


Important Google Change You NEED to Know About

Have you heard that the Google Keyword Tool is being completely  replaced?

Many People are freaking out all over the internet because it is being

shut down and replaced with a less than satisfactory tool.

But you don’t need to worry about it!  In fact, this is your perfect chance

to get the upper hand  against all  your competitors.


This  product is a new and a much better keyword tool that you can now use

to dominate the search engines in any niche!

Basically All you need to do is click a few buttons and everything is queued up.

Go out for the day , come back and all your keyword research is done!

This is a complete MUST HAVE TOOL for any serious Internet marketers!



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Important Google Change You NEED to Know About


How To Reduce Background Music On Your Camtasia Video

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