Desperate For Business- Here Is What You Need

Sotiris  —  March 5, 2015

Desperate For Business- Here Is What You Need

I have been selling products and services online for over 10 years, on a regular basis I get approached by people using regular undercover MLM training.

Personally I think it sucks !!That’s why I don’t recruit people using these dinosaur marketing methods?


Of course it can and does work and fits in fine with many peoples personalities.  But here is a question do you need to ask yourself?

Would you prefer to sell fitness training equipment to a personal trainer who approaches you.

Or would you prefer to sell a professional cyclist a parachute?   Or spend your time asking questions on a 1 on 1 basis knowing that a huge percentage of people you approach don’t want, need or just aren’t interested in your product.


Well to my shock after 10 years of marketing online so many people online still try this 2nd approach.


They contact you on Skype, Facebook and start small talk for about ten seconds before mentioning their business.  If they think they are really smart they will try to act under the radar.

Like talking about their product in a roundabout way.  Often times selling products and services with many flaws and in some cases even dangerous products,especially pharmaceutical products.  ( I am not a big Pharma fan)


If you are one of those people maybe you need to check out this post I wrote ..


What I can tell you is that if you are one of these people? Then you are definetely desperate for a platform that will bring you targeted people interested in your products and services.  And proper training on how to build your business using the internet so you can have a life instead of beating the phones all day and making three way calls with your upline.   Selling people autoships they never wanted in the first place.

If you are already killing it in your online or offline business and have an endless supply of customers beating down the doors for your product.  Then this may not be for you!


If on the other hand you want to be able to build a business while having a life and allowing your friends,family and social networking friends to have one too.  Instead of beating them down one at a time to make a quick $$$..


Great news is you will be joining a business that has paid out over 160,000,000 Dollars in affiliate commissions so far ( Goal is 1 Billion in Commissions By 2018)


So if that sounds like a better business model to you then better click the button below enter your email and get started today.


Otherwise keep doing the same thing you are doing if you are happy with your results 🙂


If Not Then


Albert Einstein Height Of Insanity

Albert Einstein Height Of Insanity


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Desperate For Business- Here Is What You Need