Is Your Business Visible Online Yet?

Sotiris  —  January 27, 2015

Is Your Business Visible Online Yet?

Every day I see people who think that having an online business is rocket science, when the truth is with what we have available today it is actually really simple.   I remember recently deciding to order a meal from a local Asian Takeaway so I did what everyone else would do.

I pulled out my smartphone and typed in the name of the business to Google.  Unfortunately there was no sign of it on Google and no way online for me to get their telephone number.  So I went in person and mentioned to the owner that he was nowhere to be found in Google he just shrugged his shoulders.

At that point I asked myself a question?  How many people type their name into Google and get the same result or answer?  I am sure there must be a few so I did a little experiment I created a blog post about the business giving their telephone number and a few other details and within a short time using a viral blogging system was ranking on no 1 for their name?

Since then I have noticed a crazy amount of traffic coming on to my blog from that search term on Google..  Thankfully for the owner of the business I am friendly with them and I am not a competitor, and for free I am advertising their business on Google in exchange for a few regular new visitors to my blog.

I see this all the time I had a conversation with a friend of mine a few years ago for a product they where selling and proved to them by just setting up a site I could get payments coming in for a business I knew nothing about and outsource the work to him.

The bottom line is if you are not online with your business no matter what it is then you are throwing money down the toilet daily.  To your competitors or just by blatantly losing clients or sales. Getting your own viral blog or website is not rocket science in fact you can get one today  see for yourself


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Look it is really this simple you are maybe trying to do the same thing you have always done over and over again and hoping to make more money?


Albert Einstein Once Said 

The Definition Of Insanity Is Doing The Same thing Over And Over Again

And Expecting A Different Result

albert einstein definition of insanity

albert einstein definition of insanity


So you have two choices continue what you have been doing and try to prove Albert Einstein is wrong?

Or take some good advice and start systemising your online business or generate customers for your offline business online.  🙂



Is Your Business Visible Online Yet?