20 Questions For Internet Marketing Newbies

Sotiris  —  February 3, 2015

20 Questions For Internet Marketing Newbies 

1.  What Do You Need To Start An Internet Business?

Website or Blog (Base) Build A Database Autoresponder,Social Media Accounts Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,TSU, Google Plus, Instagram,( Paid Advertising Optional)

2. How Long Should It Take To Make Money In Your Online Business Realistically?

6 Months to 2 Years If You Are Completely New. It Is Possible To Make Money In The Next Few Weeks but allow at least 6 months to two years.

3. If you need to make money fast in the beginning?

You can make stuff and sell online on Ebay Or Amazon it or Join a website like Fiverr and sell services.

4. What Platform or system would you use to setup your online business,

A ready made system like Empower Network or WordPress On Your Own Hosting Account.

5. What is shiny object syndrome/ What is the cure for it.

Pick a good business system and run with it do not get distracted by other stuff. And end up not making any money get tired and overwhelmed and quit.


6. I would love to get started online but don’t know where to begin?

Find someone who is already running a successful online business, and get them to teach you the steps you need to do to make money online.

7. What Would Say Is The Key Difference Between People Who End U Succeeding Online and the people who fail online?

Successful people They follow instructions and take action.

They refuse to quit.

Unsuccessful People – Will give it a go make excuses and then quit or be a victim who complains.

8. What kind of struggles did you face online?

Trying to make websites with Filezilla, Trellian Webpages,Overspending on PPC spending time doing activities that made me no money.

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20 Questions For Internet Marketing Newbies