Here are 12 Ways For You To Get Leads Online

Sotiris  —  February 3, 2015

Here are 12 Ways For You To Get Leads Online

1. Posting your content and adding your capture page link in 40% of your posts on Social Networks, Some Networks you could use would be Facebook Profile,Facebook Pages,Facebook Groups,Twitter,Pinterest,Linked In,Instagram,Tsu,IBOToolbox,Google Plus,Google Plus Groups,Google Plus Pages.

2. Posting Giggs On Fiverr and other Micro Sites to get traffic To Your Websites And Capture Pages always adding a call to action at the end of your content and a link to a capture page.

3.  Banner Advertising on other peoples websites again using Gigs in Fiverr to put your banners on other peoples websites and when they click the banner send them to a capture page.

4. Using PPC Pay Per Click Advertising on sites like Bing, Facebook, You Tube, Twitter,Clicksor,Infolinks and similar type sites.

5. Ranking your Blog Posts or website content for relevant keywords that your target market will search for when they are looking for information,

6. Ranking Your You Tube Videos for relevant keywords that your target market will be searching for.

7. Using Solo Ad Companies that have targeted buyers in your niche and paying them to email your ads to their Solo Ad List.

8. You can use Facebook Videos include a link in them to your Capture page and a call to action at the end of the videos.

9. You can share viral videos on Facebook and include a link back to your blog or capture page on them 🙂 .

10. You Can join forums in your niche or business and post great content and interact and answer peoples questions, when you register with the forum create your signature adding a link back to some good value offer or capture page in exchange for an email.

11. You Can do weekly webinars or Google Hangouts and after giving a lot of valuable content put in a link where people can find more information on how to join your team.

12. After creating your hangouts,webinars  and content set up your webinars using an Automated Webinar software this way you will be able to get leads 24/7 while you sleep 🙂 .


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Here are 12 Ways For You To Get Leads Online