You Are Consistent, Congratulations!!

Sotiris  —  February 3, 2015

You Are Consistent, Congratulations!!

There is one thing that I can tell whatever you are doing there is a very big possibility you are being consistent.

How can I tell that you might ask, well I am not by any means a fortune teller or have any magical powers, but what I can tell you is that whatever situation you are currently in good or bad you are most probably consistent.

There is a question we must ask first..

Are you you having the results you want in your business?

If the answer is no then the reason boils down to consistency. How do I know that?

Because there are mainly two possibilities, you are either consistently doing what you are supposed to do in your business.

Or you are consistently not doing what you have to do in your business.

Yes you could be consistently watching TV.

Consistently Procrastinating instead of taking action

Making Excuses instead of doing the things necessary to achieve success.

These questions will often answer what is going on in other parts of your life as well.




Since this post is based mainly for my online business and team members I want to give you a few guidelines here.  That might answer some of your questions if you are not having the results you want in your online business right now.

What you need to do to create results from blogging or Free Marketing Methods in This business.

This chart below will explain how you are doing right now, no need to ask.

Normally your bank or affiliate commissions will speak out to you as well.


If you are posting 5 or 6 pieces of content per week I.E. Blog Posts And Videos


5-6 Posts Weekly  = Awesome Well Done Keep Going

3 Posts Weekly = Good Keep Going Can You Improve

1 Post Per Week  = Hanging in just about lots of room for improvement

0 Per Week = Bad at this rate of going your business either is or will become non existent..  🙁 




Here is an idea for a blog post topic why don’t you pick a topic that you personally feel someone needs to hear.

This topic will be ideal if it will help them improve or transform their Life,Income,Relationship,Health ETC..

Make the blog post after you have done the blog post create a video by just reading out the content you just wrote on the blog post.

Want to see the results that other team members are having in this business just watch the video below.


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You Are Consistent, Congratulations!!