The Benefits Of A Business Mentor

Sotiris  —  June 14, 2019

The Benefits Of A Business Mentor


When it comes to starting up your own business there is generally a lot to learn. Unless your family was in a similar business often you have to learn the business from scratch.

The Benefits of a business mentor

Learning something new can take a long time it can also be something that you will make a lot of mistakes with as you learn.


Of course, there is a way to shortcut this experience which can be pretty costly if not done correctly that is to get yourself a mentor find someone who has already done what do you want to do and learn from them this can save you years of learning.


It can also save you thousands of Dollars as some mistakes that newbies make can be very costly in fact, a lot of these mistakes could even put you out of business altogether.


Trying to be successful without the correct experience or knowledge could be a mistake that is worth avoiding in my own experience mentorship can come in a few different ways.


Your mentor could be a personal friend or acquaintance that you have met who has experience already in your business. You can also find a mentor online by searching using keywords related to your business or niche.

In a lot of cases, a mentor could charge you for mentoring or training.


It could be a fixed set fee for a specific period of time or they could charge you on an hourly basis or via attending various training courses. If you’re lucky enough sometimes you can find a mentor by joining the business as a free but more often as a paid member.


This means as well as you being able to learn about your business you and your mentor can both get some financial benefit from the business relationship as well. One thing you need to watch out for though are mentors who are quite new to a business and do not have enough experience to know what they are talking about.

Unfortunately, I see these people regularly and the promise of making money by pedaling Garbage to victims is not a good idea even if it makes the till ring for a while. The damage it can do to your brand or reputation can last for a very long time even permanently in some cases.

So be very careful when choosing products to promote.


And be careful when choosing a mentor to work with, someone with a good reputation or someone who’s been around the block a few times is normally a sure bet than a newbie with a big ego paddling shit to fulfill a financial goal. Or to feed their ego.


When it comes to starting a business it is a good idea to pick something you are good at and have some passion for. Doing it for the money alone is not always a great idea.


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The Benefits Of A Business Mentor