What Successful Home Business Owners Know about Holidays

Sotiris  —  October 30, 2016


What Successful Home Business Owners Know about Holidays

One of the first thingsI learned when I started marketing online was the fact that I can make money no matter where in the world I am, No matter what I am doing as long as I have 30 mins to spare, and an Internet Connection then making money is never an issue.

I remember a few of my first experiences of making money while on holiday the first was selling and getting countless books shipped while travelling through Europe, Bulgaria And Greece.  Then I was away for a few days at an Internet Marketing seminar and I came home to 40 Clickbank sales which I made on Twitter on complete autopilot, while I was sitting in a room listening to an Internet Marketing seminar in London for three days.

Until you have experienced this it may seem to you necessary to work in a 9 To 5 Job 5 to 7 days a week.  The truth is it really isn’t you can change the way you live by having an online business.  It will take commitment in the beginning and in many cases a lot of work till you figure things out.

It is not a get rich quick scheme, but it can be something to make you money with less stress and hassle than a conventional 9 TO 5 there are also tax benefits in many countries as well when you are running a business.


Personally I absolutely love to travel especially in the car with my family, get to see different places, different cultures and taste different foods.  Who wouldn’t well maybe not everyone likes driving as much as me.  But I just love cruising around the countryside in my Mercedes Benz taking in the surroundings and local traditions.

What about you?  This may not be to everybody’s taste,  you may like staying at home or being in a familiar surrounding?  I like a mixture of both I think there is a part of me that is a bit of a gypsy who likes travelling and being on the road.

And another part that just loves being at home working in my office doing what I like when I like.


The great thing about life is you can make that choice nobody will force you to work a 9 to 5 that is a choice you make everyday.   I sometimes hear people say I cannot afford or do not have time to start an online business, the truth is you need a couple of hundred bucks a month and a couple of hours a day to get started.

You can get started for less but by the time you buy the serious tools for your online business this will probably be your approximate outlay.

Question is can you handle paying a couple of hundred $$$$ s  a month for a business that can make you 5 figures monthly?

That is something you have to decide ?


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What Successful Home Business Owners Know about Holidays