Have You Started The 21 Day Blogging Challenge Yet?

Sotiris  —  February 5, 2015

Have You Started The 21 Day Blogging Challenge Yet?

We all know the saying in order for something to change, we have to change the actions we take.  Or like Albert Einstein said the height of insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting a different result.

On last Wednesdays Team Training Hangout I was talking about the Empower Network relaunch the New Blogging Platform. And about starting to do the 21 day blogging challenge starting on Thursday.

So how is it going for you, if you are on our team you joined this business to get results and build an income online, As we talked about on Thursday evening our EN Blogs ranking will shoot up in the rankings when we move back to wordpress again. In the next couple of weeks.

So the purpose of the 21 Day blogging challenge was to get your blog posts ranking all over Google.  So you and your team can be creating money for you on Autopilot.  Thing about it is the blog posts will not do themselves you gotta put in the work and provide the content. Even if some days you only do a video that’s okay.

Question is do you really want to be successful in this business? Do you want to be one of the 5 Figure Earners or be putting on that Million Dollar Ring?  I will for sure so it’s up to you if you are coming with me or not.  As I will be taking this journey with or without you.

The fact is I want to help create another 5 Million Dollar Ring members in my team but if you will not sit down and do the work or send the emails or invitations to our team hangouts.  Then you probably won’t be one of them, unless you have already setup some paid advertising campaigns.  Yes that is another method of creating a passive income inside this business.


If you are up for this or are going to do it feel free to post in the comments and let us know.  Are you ready to step up and make that change?  We shall see..

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So Are Ready To Get Started Lets Do It Right Now..

Have You Started The 21 Day Blogging Challenge Yet?