Internet Marketing

Sotiris  —  July 4, 2012

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing in simple words is marketing (promotion) of goods and
services over the internet.

Also known as “i marketing” or “e marketing” Internet marketing has
revolutionized modern business and nowadays Internet marketing is a very
important factor which almost every business keeps in mind when
deciding on a strategy to promote their business.

With the onset of Internet in late 1990′s and subsequent increase of
internet for almost everything, it became quite predominant that
Internet marketing is the way to go if you want to have a long term
stable business.

Besides being a boon to the businesses, Internet marketing has also
generated tons of employment for people in last 10 years or so. In
countries like U.S.A , U.K there are people as young as 17 years of age
who are doing Internet marketing full time and earning thousands of
dollars every month.

Since it involves promoting your business over the internet, Internet
Marketing has been criticized for giving false information to the
customers sometimes. But there is no denying the fact that every one who
is looking for some kind of information be it on latest shopping deals
or nearby dining outlets, searches for information on the internet
rather then calling someone and getting wrong information.

As the word about Internet marketing grew, the more popular internet
Marketing became. Now we see thousands of people who have quit their
full time jobs just to earn money from internet by sitting at home and
employing others to do jobs for them.

Here we will be discussing a few Internet marketing methods:

1. Social media marketing Yes, we are talking about social networking
sites. But not just Facebook, but around 300 more websites like facebook
such as linkedin, you tube,myspace, orkut, digg, stumbleupon and many
more social networking websites.
Companies pay big time to improve their reputation in social media sites
as well as to interact with their present and potential customers.
It also helps them improve their services if they get any negative
feedback from their users.

2.E MAIL marketing Another common form of Internet marketing is E MAIL
marketing wherein the present and potential customers are sent E MAILS
to improve interaction with them as well as to generate revenue from
these mailers.

This is a very important part of the overall strategy of a company to
build its brand and show a positive side of the business to customers.

3.Search Engine Optimization – Search Engine Optimization or SEO is
basically a method to improve your website standing on popular search
engines like Google, yahoo.

Search engine optimization helps in targeting more potential customers
for the business and bring them to the websites.

4.Affiliate marketing Affiliate marketing is a huge part of Internet
marketing and basically involves selling the products of others and
earning revenues or small percentage of commission in return.
Affiliate marketing has been around for very long time and still
continues to be a very important factor in Internet marketing.

Apart from these, there are various other methods of Internet marketing
but these are the major ones.
There are various books, methods on how you can provide these services
and say good bye to your stressed full time job.Remember, its not
difficult to earn a full time income from Internet marketing but you
will need proper guidance and dedication to start earning money online.

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Internet Marketing