Are Bloggers Leaving Money On The Table?

Sotiris  —  January 19, 2015

Are Bloggers Leaving Money On The Table?

Blogging has become an increasingly popular way to get your content out there on the Internet whether you are sharing tips ideas and strategies or recommending products , services , things to do or just giving useful information.

You can not ignore the fact that blogging has become a very useful way to get your content in front of a marketplace.  I remember many years ago when I started my first website like many people who start out today I had no idea what I was doing.

I would write a blog post in many cases only a few lines of content and hope that I could join a community where lots of other people where making money online. Only thing was many of these posts from a financial or building a follower base where pretty much useless. When I think of the amount of people to this day that did, and still do create a blog posts and think that now or some time in the future it will make money for them or have a positive effect on their business.When in most cases it will not,  is quite unbelievable.  The question is that in many of these blogs there is absolutely nothing you can do. What do I mean by that?



1. There is no Optin box or list to subscribe to.

2. There is no buy button to click in order to purchase a product.

3. No share buttons for your posts to go viral if the content is good.


The amount of websites or blogs that I have come across over the years and still see regularly that are like this, is costing bloggers Millions perhaps even Billions of Dollars per year.


Then there are other blogs that do have a buy button a call to action or a advert you can click on and make the webmaster blogger a few cents or Dollars.

Some of these products are $7 , $10, maybe $30 this is indeed going to be a very long and slow way to make money even if you have a huge amount of visitors coming to your website or blog regularly.




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Question is  Are YOU Serious about making money online or is it just a hobby for you?

Do you have more money than you need and don’t want or need an extra income stream?

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Are Bloggers Leaving Money On The Table?