15 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Sotiris  —  July 9, 2012

15 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

When it comes to making money online it is very important to drive traffic to your website. Traffic is the lifeblood of your Internet business no traffic to your website means no subscribers and no sales.There are lots of different methods of driving traffic to a website. The myth on the Internet that a lot of people still have is they believe if they have a nice website with good information they will automatically make lots of money. Unfortunately that is not the case.

There are certain steps you can take to get lots of natural organic traffic but that takes time it is certainly not instant. There are too many different ways in fact to talk about in 1  article. One of the keys to getting traffic is understanding your customers and understanding the thought processes they are going through when they are looking to buy a product. A mistake many online marketers make is they are too busy thinking about selling their product and making money. Instead of thinking from a customers point of view, this is a huge mistake and can be very costly in many ways.

From a paid advertising perspective not targeting the buyers can end up costing you dearly. Because if you start paying for advertising   and targeting the wrong keywords or customer. This is like throwing money down the drain. Definetely not something I would recommend you to  do. Looking from the other perspective if you target the correct keywords, customers paid advertising can give huge ROI’s and end up being like a 24/7 Cash machine when you know what you are doing.

In today’s post to get you started in your online business. I want to discuss 15 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website I hope they come in useful for you.

15 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

1. Write regular content on your website by regular I mean daily if daily is not possible try and keep at least a routine. So if you are going to blog onlt two days a week make sure you do it every week. Whatever you do be consistent at it. Google likes consistency not sudden surges in content.

2. Place  social share buttons on your websites and blogs Facebook Share button,Facebook like Button,Twitter Share Button,Linked In Share Button And Pinterest Button on all your blogs and websites.

3. Make sure you set the permalinks in your new wordpress blog to post name /%postname%/ instead of numbers etc.

4. Set up A twitter account and tweet your blog posts regularly or automate it this will also drive lots of traffic to your blog.

5. Share all your posts and pages on your facebook wall and in your facebook pages and groups I teach my 1 to 1 Internet Coaching students how to do it automatically.

6. Share all your posts on Linked in as well this will also get you more traffic to your website.

7. Facebook paid ads are a great way to get lots of traffic to your website. Before undertaking Facebook ads it is very important to know how to do them, otherwise you could lose yourself a fortune. So I definetely recommend doing some Facebook Ad Training before setting up any Facebook  Ad campaigns.

8. You Tube Paid Campaigns you can also pay to get your you tube videos featured on you tube. This is another way to get lots of clicks and traffic to your website as well.

9. You Tube Videos making You Tube Videos, and getting them ranked in a top position. In You Tube or on Google is a fantastic way to drive lots of traffic to your website as well. If you can get some videos to go viral, you can make a fortune out of this, and apart from the work put in to make the video. This type of advertising is completely 100% Free.

10. Adding keyword images to your blogposts and pinning them on Pinterest with Links to your websites.

11. Set up an adbrite account and pay for traffic from adbrite you need to send $100 and you can set your ads to run from $5 a day. This ca be a very fast way to build a mailing list.

12. SEO placing backlinks to your website from lots of different websites including some high ranking websites. Low ranking websites, article directories, blog comments,videos,twitter,pinterest ,facebook and you tube.

13 Encourage people to share or syndicate your content on all the social media sites by putting a call to action to share your posts at the end of each blogpost. Google loves stuff that has been shared a lot on Facebook ,Twitter ,Google Plus ,Linked In and Pinterest ETC..

14 . Ping all your blog posts and pages to all the different searches using Pingler or a pinglist inserted into the back office of your wordpress blog.

15. Onlywire your posts and content to all the social networking sites as well this will also get you lot of backlinks and traffic as well.

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15 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website