Who Is Paying You?

Sotiris  —  November 12, 2016

Who Is Paying You?

Who Is Paying You? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Upon first reading this sentence the average person may think about their job, their employer and lets face it when you spend every day of your life slogging for someone else for 3 to 18 hours a day. You may not have lots of creative time available to actually think about anything else.

Except of course what you have been programmed to do by your life experiences so far. It is possible until someone points this out, you may not even realise you are in this vicious circle. Sometimes you need to take a few steps back and look at your life like an outsider before you can realise the hamster wheel you have created for yourself.

Who Is Paying You

Yes, it may sound a little harsh but where you are today is a direct result of actions you have taken in the past. Blaming it on job, spouses, econonomy or anything else you may think of will turn you into a victim. I am a great believer in you can be a victim or be successful but you need to decide which one you are going to be!  If you decide to be a victim you can whine complain blame, make excuses and anything else that will draw attention to your difficult/sad situation.

Or you can pull yourself together and decide what you are going to do and start taking some action towards that goal starting today. Every successful person had to take the first step, remember without taking the first step you will never arrive at your goal. When I talk about who is paying you? I am not actually talking about a job in my opinion jobs are for sheep okay there will always have to be some sheep but I am just not happy to be one of them.

When it comes to who is paying you am talking about a business. Think about it who takes money off you every month?  Your electric supplier your gas company, petrol stations,your telephone and internet provider, your mobile phone provider. Yes, these people are all taking money off you every month that is why many of them are companies worth billions. If you want to start having a successful business and getting paid the money to live your dream lifestyle. You need to create or find a product/products which people need and are willing to pay money for preferably on an ongoing basis.

That is the secret of creating true wealth whether it be a product a commodity or a service, you need to find a hungry market of buyers people who need what you are selling. And create a 1st class product service coupled with a great advertising campaign. That puts your product service etc in front of them. Coupled with a great headline and sales copy, which will fulfill their desire to take them over the edge and make that purchase.

I can remember a time a few years ago when I was paying a fortune on mortgages interest, credit card interest, mobile phone bills large phone bills literally thousands of pounds a month yes I was a slave ..  To the banks… To the credit card companies… Now I am more interested and focused on the income much of it being passive. Yes, I make money while I sleep I don’t need to work my butt off for some miserable employer. Ask permission to go to the toilet, go on holiday. Get moaned at if I don’t come in ten mins early for work even if I don’t get paid for yet.

I can truly and proudly say I am no longer a sheep…  🙂 Okay like all of us I still am a cash cow for the Illuminati and the government as I still need to put fuel in my car, pay road tax property tax, etc. But at least I have my own cash cow businesses that pay for that, yes I have money working for me. Websites working for me. Other team members working with me and paying me at the same time. I have affiliate commissions, passive income commissions. And money for some coaching work I do which is my own time but I actually really enjoy it. So it doesn’t feel like a job to me and I am very happy to work for myself, in fact, I cannot think of any employer I would rather work for or even consider working for.

The first step to change your situation is to be able to see it and recognise it and make a decision about what you need to change. Where you want to be, What you need to do to get there. Awareness is the key if you are a sheep in a pen and you think the pen looks familiar and when told you are in a pen you decide not to be aware of it. Then you decide to live the rest of your life as a sheep fenced in your sad little world. And ignore the fact you are controlled fenced in and not achieving the life you deserve to live.

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Who Is Paying You?