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The Power Of Excuses- Andrew Reynolds What’s Your Excuse


When it comes to the power of excuses there is nothing more powerful than excuses to stop you moving forward in your life or business. One of the joys of marketing online is you get to see many different people from all walks of life, one of the things many have in common are the excuses they tell themselves. One of the major things in transforming your success or someone you are mentoring is to cut out the excuses. Monitor what they are saying and work it if what they are thinking saying is true or is something they believe due to social programming from unsuccessful relatives. Negativity coming from Television and media etc.. Unless you become aware of this it becomes much harder to change awareness is the key.  In the video below Andrew Reynolds What’s Your Excuse Andrew Reynolds talks a bit about the power of excuses and takes a look at some statements or excuses.


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The Power Of Excuses- Andrew Reynolds What’s Your Excuse


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